What Is Nagambie Famous For?

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Nagambie is the main township of a large agricultural and viticultural area on the Goulburn River, located 155 km north of Melbourne, in Victoria Australia.

What is Nagambie famous for? Everything you need to know about Victoria’s Nagambie is there, from the history of the town and surrounding district, through to signature tourist attractions and pursuits. Characterised by pristine waterways, natural bushland and parklands plus historic buildings that take nods from its goldrush and agricultural past, a holiday at Nagambie will be pure gold.

Why Is This Destination Famous?

Nagambie is famous for: The most amazing views over Lake Nagambie and the Goulburn River Valley. A world class vineyard in Mitchelton Winery. Boutique breweries, cafés and restaurants. The most thrilling site to visit in the world. Soaring above it all with a hang gliding or para-gliding experience of a lifetime on Rutherglen Road.

A Popular Destination for Boating

Nagambie Lakes is a popular destination for all types of boating including swimming, paddling and fishing. They offer smooth waters with little wave action and few snags, plus off-river facilities.

Nestled in a glorious and unspoilt region just a couple of hours north of Melbourne, Nagambie Lakes is a haven for boaters, fishermen, water-skiiers and anyone with a thirst for outdoor adventure. It’s also a haven for food and wine lovers, and features the very best of local produce in its many cafés, restaurants, and wineries.

It’s Famous for Wine Growing

While less well known, Nagambie is actually Victoria’s top quality wine growing region, just an hour north east of Melbourne. The first vines were planted here in the 1850s,

Offers a Variety of Water Sports

Located on Nagambie Lakes and offering a variety of water sports for all ages, Great Aussie Holiday Park provides a convenient base camp for exploring this dynamic food, wine and water sports region. The Goulburn or Murray River, both of which have their headwaters on the northern slopes of the Great Dividing Range. Visit us at https://www.nagambie.com.au/