Yoelle Maarek Keynote at WWW2017

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Head of Yahoo Research Yoelle Maarek poses the question “Is Web Mail Dead?”

Yoelle Maarek, Vice President of Research at Yahoo, will keynote the event taking place in Perth, Australia from 3-7 April 2017, as part of Perth’s inaugural Festival of the Web.

Yoelle will address the WWW2017 conference with an exploration of the evolution of Web Mail. With a working title of “Web Mail Is Not Dead – It’s Just Not Human Anymore”, her speech will explore the challenges and opportunities offered to Web researchers now that Web Mail is dominated by machine-generated traffic, and how the Web Mail client experience needs to adapt to follow this change.

Based in Israel, Yoelle heads Yahoo Research and manages the independent Yahoo Research team in Haifa, Israel and New York, USA. In this role, she leads a team of research scientists and research engineers with an aim of impacting both existing and future Yahoo products such as Mail, Answers and Search, as well as the academic research community. In her own words, Yoelle loves any research challenge that involves huge amounts of data and hundreds of millions of users. Some of her recent efforts at Yahoo involve Mail, Search and Native Ads.

Prior to joining Yahoo, Yoelle was the Director of Google Haifa Engineering Centre, which she opened in 2006 and where she led the team that launched Suggest, Google’s query completion feature on google.com and YouTube. From 1989 to 2006, Yoelle was with IBM Research in the USA and then Israel, where she held a number of technical and management positions, eventually leading the search and collaboration department and becoming a Distinguished Engineer. Yoelle holds a PhD in Computer Science from Israel’s Technion.

One of the world’s leading authorities on Information Retrieval, Web search, Web mining and Web applications, Yoelle has published more than 75 papers in these fields. Yoelle was recently elected as a member of IW3C2, the organisation that manages the World Wide Web conference series.