what is cyber security awareness training in Australia

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Written by: patoluna


Cyber security training in Australia is becoming more and more popular, with many online courses and many trainers available. The awareness of cyber security has become a new necessity, not only for individuals but for all sectors involved in the digital world. The intention behind such training is to ensure that individuals are aware of the different levels of risks that could be faced if they don’t take certain measures to protect themselves as well as anyone else who may be affected by their activities online or on social media.

Awareness training would certainly be one of the first steps towards avoiding cyber security risks, but it is not the only step that needs to be taken. To avoid more serious consequences, it is also important to have security strategies in place. It may seem like a lot of work and there are many different aspects involved, but this is something that can be planned in advance and implemented as soon as possible.


Security strategies and cyber security training for individuals and companies should be an integral part of any program’s plans. A strategy is not something quick and easy to implement, but it can be worked out in advance as well, following few steps:


  1. Awareness: Before a personal or corporate assessment can begin it is crucial to have a clear idea of what one wants to achieve. In our case, it would be to have an awareness of the risks and vulnerabilities related to cyber security. All of these risks need to be assessed with a special focus on different scenarios and the potential impacts they have.


  1. Requirements Analysis: The next step is conducting an analysis of the current situation, that is, identifying all the assets involved (whether people or tech-related) and also defining what would happen in case of a breach. For this analyzing process it is also important to estimate the risks, setting up a plan for the possible consequences if they do occur.


  1. Action Plans: At this point in time it is important to create a document that clearly states what happened and how to prevent or repair the situation in case of an occurrence. This document can be shared with all the people involved and hopefully, it will help get them on board with the effort put forward by all.


  1. Evaluation: It is important to have a regular review of the plan, checking whether it is working as expected or not. This will not only allow the plan to be repaired if necessary but also allow for adjustments, if necessary, so that there are no more failures.


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