Hydr8water australia review

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Written by: patoluna


Hydr8 Water is an Australian company that has been able to gain a lot of traction in Australia with its unique approach to bottled water, which makes use of a patented and custom created purification process. The company has proven that there is an interest for these types of drinks and the company is hoping that interest will translate globally.

Hydr8 Water seeks to improve upon the country’s overall health by reducing plastic waste from custom water bottles in Australia and providing consumers with healthy alternatives. They have created a water purification system that effectively transforms the water contained in the bottle into a purified drink that is suitable for drinking.


Hydr8 Water was created by Dr. Nadeem Venjakol, who is a well known and respected physician, who had been using his skills and expertise to research ways in which everyday products can be utilized to make our lives easier, or even better. He became interested in the issue of bottled water and considered the harmful effects that this material caused, especially since he knew how much time and effort people put into recycling it.


The system that Hydr8 Water created is an effective product that reduces the amount of plastic waste caused by bottled water, while at the same time providing consumers with an alternative to expensive bottled water. The system utilizes a combination of filtration, water softening and carbonation techniques to create a drink with all the same qualities as bottled water.


In general, the Hydr8 Water process is very simple. The first step is to combine salt and calcium chloride with the water. This serves to inhibit germs and bacteria that can cause pathogens in the water, while it also acts as a preservative. Next, the three active ingredients are added to create the desired final product. These include the essential minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium. These ingredients add an exciting new dimension to Hydr8 Water’s already impressive list of benefits.


The final step is carbonation to give the water an invigorating fizziness. This fizziness gives the water a unique texture that makes it so popular with consumers of Hydr8 Water. The carbonation also helps to reduce the chances for flatulence, thanks to its ability to encourage efficient digestion.


As you can see from the above, there are many things that set Hydr8 Water apart from other competitors in the bottled water industry. Consumers are also pleased with the benefits of the product, as it is no longer possible to buy bottled water without a substantial cost. The unique design and approach makes Hydr8 a highly desirable product.


The company has been very effective at influencing people in positive ways. They have been able to raise the number of donations they have received for their cause, while also developing an online presence that has seen significant growth in a short period of time.