Lisnic Review

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Lisnic is a new platform that allows you to list your business in order to attract more leads; search for perfect business partners in just a few clicks, and be a mentor by experts of the industries. It is a platform that enhances the industry of business skills training, which allows you to discover thousands of businesses in just a few seconds of searching. 

A Platform for Business Networking  and Mentoring

Lisnic is similar to open marketplace models made by existing tech giants such as Airbnb and Uber. With this Open marketplace model, Lisnic allows mentees to connect with mentors anywhere in the globe. The sessions of meetings and online interaction is conducted through secured video conferencing inside the Lisnic site. 

Features of Lisnic

In Lisnic, a few highlighted features include:  

  • A quick search for businesses per service/city
  • Compare and shortlist the best searches for the clients
  • Research genuine reviews & comprehensive business profiles 
  • Access to promotions, discounts, and special offers of services only found in Lisnic

An easy way for mentees to find a mentor in Lisnic

Lisnic has made a remarkable change in finding the best mentor that would fit the client. A potential mentee could have the chance to post all details that they need in a mentor, including the hourly budget they will allot for the mentor. From this, Mentors from all over the world could have the chance to train the mentees by means of bidding through the job and sometimes invite other mentors that is fit for the job description. It makes the mentees easily find mentors that would help them to train and improve. 

Mentors of Lisnic

In Lisnic, there are top-rated mentors in the field of business,  including those who have founded million-dollar worth of companies. Aside from business, other mentors were also successful in the career path that they have chosen, such as professional therapists and psychologists who can focus on the mental health and condition of the mentees. Other mentors include celebrity mentors for talent training sessions and thought leaders that can assist the mentees in their business careers.