Selecting the right seo agency in Melbourne

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Written by: nichea


With smartphone usage increasing greatly in the last decade, more people in Melbourne are using search engines like Google for finding suitable suppliers of the products and services they require. Businesses who are ranking first in the search engine results pages (SERP), are more likely to get traffic from the search engines, which will often convert well into leads and orders. However, many businesses have noticed that they do not rank well in the search results, in some cases they appear on the fourth or later pages of the search results, and get almost no traffic from the search engines.


One of the reasons why the website appears later in the search results, is because the not optimized to rank well in search engines due to various reasons. Hence Melbourne businesses who wish to improve the ranking of their website in search engines should hire a competent agency or consultant for search engine optimization (SEO) . There are a large number of agencies offering seo services, and some of the factors which should be considered while selecting a suitable Melbourne seo agency are discussed to help business owners take the right decision.



One of the considerations while choosing a seo agency is finding out the methods which will be used to improve the website ranking. Usually all seo agencies will first conduct a website audit to find out the current ranking of the website for the main keywords relevant to the business. They will then evaluate the website, to find out the aspects of the website which can be optimized to improve its ranking. In some cases, the website is not ranking well because there is a web-hosting or design problem, and the website is opening very slowly, adversely affecting search ranking. In this case, technical seo may be required to improve the website design.


Often the website is not ranking well because it does not have relevant content for the business related keywords. Most business owners and their staff do not have the time to write content for the website. Hence the seo agency will send queries to the business to get more information. Additionally search engines are ranking videos highly in the search results, so the seo agency will create videos for their client. For this they will visit the business premises for a day to meet the staff, shoot videos which will be later edited and used for marketing. A monthly report is also provided to the business. The seo fees also depend on the level of competition.