Reviews on Eternum Labs Apigenin

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Reviews on Eternum Labs Apigenin

Apigenin is a flavonoid supplement produced by various plants and claimed as a defence mechanism versus pathogens and ultraviolet light. Herbs containing flavonoids such as Apigenin have already been utilized to combat sickness for centuries. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and anthelmintic effects. Although it cannot eliminate all of them by itself, mixing them alongside antibiotics can enhance their effectiveness.


Probably one of the best-discussed advantages of Quercetin is its effectiveness in alleviating insomnia. Apigenin is abundant in chamomile blossom, which has been studied for its capacity to treat sleeplessness. An Apigenin pill for rest can improve your performance the following day. Here are some reviews on Eternum Labs’ Apigenin.


  1. Product Reviews

There are two accumulated reviews on Product Listing Reviews which unfortunately rated the product in 1 star.

Lydia Leung stated, “I started having stomach issues and acid reflux after deciding to take those capsules. I refused to stop getting them for a little over a few months, but then my stomach pains returned as quickly as I did. I attempted to call them via electronic mail because they did not include a mobile number and inquired if I could return the goods and receive a full refund. They didn’t bother to answer, but they kept giving me messages encouraging me to purchase their other merchandise.


The other is Jennifer, who stated, “The product doesn’t seem genuine. There are no components, no end date, no wrapping address, no ARTG amount, and an unreadable barcode. When compared to the corresponding Vitamin D3 carton that comes in a glass jar and includes all the tasks Necessary by the TGA webpage.”


  1. Reddit

In contradiction to Product Reviews, Reddit reviews on Eternum Labs’ Apigenin seems to be positive.

Dull Blank, Plenty Loan and Double Platform are against any misinformation about the said products and share their good experience with the product. There’s also Ambassador Ready, who stated, “Under no way are Eternum Labs goods “magic,” but they also have done work for me. If you intend to take those and instantly feel ten years younger, you’ll be frustrated, but I don’t think it’s what they’re marketing. I’ve been using the goods for 30 days and am pleased with the results.” Overall there are 11 reviews on Reddit that all claims the product as a legit and good one.


  1. Amazon

Apigenin has had a total of 505 ratings on Amazon Labs, earning it 4.7 stars out of 5. The reviewers’ personal experiences with the product appear to have been relatively conveyed in the reviews. Some people, such as Eric Hale, have rated the product five stars and consider it reasonably compelling. In the meantime, other unnamed customers have rated the product with three stars due to the fact that it did not deliver a satisfactory outcome for them.