How to find a free online doctor in Australia?

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Do you have a medical emergency? Are you going on a vacation and want to pre-arrange doctor’s appointments for check-ups or vaccinations? Or maybe just need to see a doctor for an ongoing condition? If you answered yes, then you should consider getting in touch with the free online doctor service that is available across Australia. The service is free because you can visit the doctor via Skype, phone or email for consultation, diagnosis and prescriptions.


What do I need to get in touch with a free online doctor?


The first thing you want to do when looking for a free online doctor in Australia is to check if your health insurance will cover any of the costs. There are many insurances available, including government subsidized ones provided via Medicare. You can also contact your insurance company to check if the service is covered.


If you are not insured you will need to pay for the sessions with cash or credit card. However, this will be significantly cheaper than visiting a traditional doctor’s appointment, even after the cost of transport to the clinic is taken into account.

How to find a free online doctor in Australia?


Identify all the areas where you can contact a free online doctor service. The next step would be to contact them via email, phone or Skype for an appointment. If the website of your chosen service does not list the hours of operation, do not hesitate to contact them directly. Most doctors offer after-hour sessions for urgent cases or when the practice is closed during the weekend.


Remember that you are under no obligation to visit a doctor just because they offered their services for free. You can check with them if your situation is serious enough that it would require in-person consultation. The same goes for the medication: only take the ones prescribed by your doctor and do not self-medicate.