Factors That Affect The Renovation Package Cost For 5 Rooms BTO

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Renovation cost is one of the most important considerations when buying a new property. It is definitely important to know what to expect from a renovation before committing to buy a home for its renovation potential. This blog post will provide you with the ren renovation package cost for 5 room BTO, which is helpful information if you are considering renovating a property or adopting it as your family home.

Factors that affect the renovation package cost for 5 room BTO

  1. Room size and number of rooms

The first is the room size of your BTO. The room size will determine the total area of your property as well as the number of units involved in the renovation. If you are adding more units than what was originally prepared, it will bring up additional costs. BTO which involves 6 teams will be cheap than one with 5 units, specifically if you wish to buy the 7th unit for $12000 and add it to your purchase for $30000 or even more.

  1. Utility cost

Utility services like power and water cost a lot and make up a substantial factor in your renovation package cost for 5 room BTO. If you wish to conserve electricity, it is important to add power-saving devices to your home which are relatively expensive.

  1. Renovation design

Your renovation design will depend on your budget and your dream home. Most of the time, people who put a premium on their homes tend to buy something which they’re comfortable with and not something that is trending out there, which can increase the renovation costs substantially.

  1. Type of decoration and finishes applied

The type of decoration and finishes you want for your BTO will affect the overall cost and the quality of service you receive from the contractors in charge of completing the project for you on time and efficiently.


The renovation cost is indeed important as it will determine how much you will pay for your house when you move in. You can save a lot of money by choosing the right house and getting the right contractors in charge of renovating it. Be sure to find trusted contractors who can provide you with an accurate estimate before signing a contract.